Our Services

Cracked Screen

You’ve dropped your phone and cracked the screen; we can replace it for you.

Battery Issues

Your phone’s battery may lose its ability to hold a charge. Let us check it.

Charging Port

If your phone is no longer charging properly, we can diagnose and fix the issue.

Water Damage

Phone has been exposed to water or other liquids; we attempt to repair any damage that was caused.

Wifi Issues

You’re experiencing Wi-Fi issues on your phone; our technical team will help you to give a solution.

Broken Button

Phone’s button broken or not working? we may be able to repair the button or replace.

Speaker / Microphone

If you’re having trouble hearing or being heard during calls, we can fix the speaker or microphone.

Camera Issue

Phone’s camera isn’t working correctly, our technical expert diagnoses and fixes it.

AirPods Issues

Any issue related to AirPods like charging, LED, Connectivity etc. we love to help you!

Slow performance

Your phone may freeze up or may be slow to respond, we can check and solve it in all possible ways.

Storage issues

Facing storage space, making it difficult to download new apps or take photos, we solve it.

Software issues

We will assist you if your phone’s software may crash, apps may not work properly, or may be infected with malware.


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